Alignment is a key element for your yoga practice. Yet for too many years, yoga has been practiced on a blank mat – or on a mat with an alignment line down the center. But this is wholly insufficient for optimal alignment.

In most yoga poses the practitioner engages the full area of the mat. This is why a yoga mat with a full coverage grid is the only true tool to find your optimal positioning. Only with the Matrix Mat system can one achieve complete awareness of a pose to enhance alignment posture foundations.

Simplicity | Matrix Mat

The Matrix Mat grid offers awareness of body foundation in any yoga pose:

  • Use the lines and coordinates to help identify your current alignment within a pose
  • Adjust within each pose to achieve awareness of your optimal position

Its that simple!

Easy to understand, the system can be applied to any body size, type and flexibility. Once the system becomes a part of your practice, continued awareness and muscle memory will enhance all your yoga sessions!

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Matrix Mat Benefits

Without a doubt, the Matrix Mat is the ideal tool for all yogi experience levels to optimize their poses. Whether you are looking to enhance your alignment or simply want to know your placement on the mat for any pose, the grid system provides immediate spacial awareness of your pose foundation. Also, the multi-directional mid-lines divide the mat into four mirrored quadrants. This results in the ability to confirm those poses that are best done with body symmetry.

Beginners that incorporate this awareness into their learning of poses will benefit in the long run. Coupled with proper instruction, learning poses correctly from the outset will help to avoid bad habits or over stretching and under stretching.

Another incredible benefit, the Matrix Mat grid system becomes your own personal guide and instructor – so it is perfect and essential for a home practice too. Without an instructor there to help you assist and adjust, one can rely on the Matrix Mat and their own awareness to make self adjustments and modifications. This is because the grid system allows you to make constant checks and changes throughout your practice. It also allows you to accurately monitor your progress and development.

No matter the style or type of yoga you practice, the Matrix Mat  does not take anything away from the many disciplines and schools of yoga. The Matrix Mat is simply a must-have beneficial addition to your practice; a necessary prop for full awareness and potential alignment.

As you become more familiar with the mat and aware of your body, you can strive to achieve enhanced alignment.

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