Why Alignment In Yoga Poses Is Important

“The precise way in which the body should be positioned in each yoga pose in order to obtain the maximum benefit from the pose and avoid injury…

Energy moves through the body most effectively when our body is aligned optimally with precision…

Align the base of the posture first and foremost…

The “perfect” pose is the pose that best suits the needs of the person doing the pose at that moment…”

-Gil, Breathe Yoga Center
Matrix Mat Yoga Alignment Instruction 1000

Awareness first, then Alignment as your body allows.

Every body is different and will approach yoga differently and each will likely have dissimilar alignment. Even most instructors and styles differ in their approach for Alignment In Yoga Poses, so its completely acceptable that two poses of two different yogis might never be the same.

But however you do your yoga and however you try to align for best results, the Matrix Mat allows you to know those positions and align your foundation to your body and abilities.

Start on the path to that optimal positioning that is best for you. And along that path, rest assured that with the Matrix Mat, you will know your yoga every step of the way.

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