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Quickly and Easily Gain Full Awareness of Body Placement In Any Yoga Pose!

ALIGN and find your optimal positioning!

The grid and coordinate system gives you a better awareness of your body in your yoga practice. Moreover, it allows you to make your own adjustments and modifications to find your optimal positioning. Being aware of your body’s spatial alignment and its precise positioning will enhance your yoga.

The mat is an easy to use system that can be applied to any body size, type, and flexibility. Consequently, the mat can be used across a range of different types of yoga practices and virtually any yoga pose.
* Track Progress Over Time
* Stay Consistent From One Practice to the Next
* Commits Poses to Muscle Memory and Prevent Injury
* Explore Variations of Any Pose

Informative article about the importance of Awareness in Yoga Poses written by Alexandria Crow for the Yoga Journal:

Excerpts below with a link to full article.

The Importance of the Foundation in Yoga Poses

“We often talk about what touches the ground as the “foundation of the pose.”

To root to rise, you must first lay a well-intentioned foundation for your asana. That means paying careful attention to precisely how you plant your feet, hands, forearms—whatever is touching the ground. That is the seed of your pose. How you place those body parts directly affects your pose’s ability to grow.

Once your foundation is planted, tend to it. Imagine growing roots from the soles of your feet or the palms of your hands. Pressing down into the foundation not only roots it in place but also activates the muscles above it. Muscle activation that starts at the base can travel up through each joint, providing the structural integrity to grow tall, grounded, stable, and wise.”

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